A large estate must be run like a well-rehearsed symphony.  The Estate Manager is the conductor of this intricate performance. They are the right hand to the owners and carry out the management of the property with a most discerning eye.  A quality Estate Manager is well educated, intuitive, creative, has strong business knowledge and is extremely resourceful. They will be dedicated to the highest standards of their employers.  Some of their duties may include budget, household finances, payroll, staff management, event planning, project management and care of luxury items.


This position takes a very special type of candidate.  A Personal Assistant will share a close relationship with the employer.   They may perform the duties of a House Manager, Office Assistant and Social Coordinator. A qualified candidate will have a diverse range of skills and typically with a background in business.  They will possess excellent communication skills and remain discreet at all times. Some Personal Assistants travel with the family and attend social engagements on their behalf.  Resourcefulness, selflessness, intuitive thinking and creativity are some of the key skills of these candidates.


The House Manager/Butler works in a variety of home sizes and their basic duties are similar in nature to that of an Estate Manager, but on a smaller scale.  They may also perform table service, welcome guests and answer phones.    They must be thoroughly well versed in proper etiquette and stages of household service.  A responsibility may be household budget and procurement of inventory.  They may perform the duties of the Chef cooking family meals.  They organize family packing and make appropriate travel arrangements as well as filling in for any other member of the staff who may be absent from work.  This position is very “hands-on” with a “no job is too small” attitude.  Qualifications may include formal Butler training or a Hotel/Restaurant Management education.  Vast knowledge of the care of clothing, fine art, and other luxury items.  Will always maintain the strictest codes of confidentiality and decorum.


The Private Chef’s domain is the kitchen and all things related.  They are capable in preparing five-star menus, family meals, parties and events.  They will be responsible for stocking of all ingredients and pantry related items.  They maintain a meticulously detailed work space always being assured to have the freshest product possible.  The Chef may also set dining tables and serve the meal for small gatherings.  A Chef usually has a culinary degree and has some management experience.  The ideal applicant will have past experience within similar homes, wine and food pairing knowledge, well rounded cooking disciplines excellent attention to detail, strong communication skills to hear and understand the families tastes and diets and exceptional time management skills.


A Governess/Nanny are responsible for the family's most cherished items, their children.  They provide in-home childcare, taking care of their personal needs and nurturing them into adulthood at times. A Governess will be well educated in child care and development focusing primarily on the child’s education.  The candidate will be loving and compassionate as well as being a role model for discipline, etiquette and class.


This Housekeeper serves under the House Manager and is responsible for the cleanliness of the home.  This individual may also be responsible for linens, laundry and care of the silver, china and crystal.  A qualified candidate has an eye for detail and a respect for luxury items.  On a large estate there may also be an Executive Housekeeper who will supervise an interior staff to ensure the residence maintains five star standards at all times.


The Houseman acts as deputy butler and may act in the latter’s absence.  He is responsible for in-home maintenance as well as a wide range of duties such as serving meals, silver specialist, carrying heavy items or moving furniture.


A Lady's Maid is a female personal attendant to the lady of the house.  A strong candidate will have sewing skills, understands jewelry care and have a keen sense of efficiency and grace.


A Valet is a male personal attendant to the gentleman of the house.  Fine attention to detail and an excellent memory are prerequisites for this position.


At The Brahmin Group we believe in connecting our clients with the very best people available. We work closely with highly respected business jet management firms who specialize in helping select the most qualified candidates for the positions of Captain, Copilot and Flight Attendant.


The Chauffeur will drive the family and maintain the vehicles on the estate.  They will be responsible for the parking of guest cars as well.


A Laundress is an individual who specializes in the care of quality garments encompassing clothing, linens and sewing skills.


The Gardner/Groundskeeper is responsible for the maintenance and appearance of the estate grounds.  Knowledge of ecosystems, irrigation, grass and plant varietals and garden equipment a must.


Our Executive Protection candidates are trained to be low profile and are quite capable of adapting to the employer’s lifestyle.  They are clean cut, articulate and educated professionals.  Most candidates are graduates of a Government Protective Services course.  Others may be graduates from one of a few, internationally recognized and respected, civilian training courses.  At The Brahmin Group your security is our highest priority. 


This position is a team fulfilling two or more duties within a household and ideally works with a married or partnered couple. Domestic Couple positions can be a number of variations.  House Manager / Groundskeeper, Housekeeper / Handyman, Butler / Chef, Housekeeper / Cook, etc. The couple may also live on property in a separate “cottage” acting as the caretakers of the estate.  Good candidates offer a range of skills, with the ability to work as a team or individually on projects.  They are flexible and resourceful with a long, solid relationship.


Is there a position outside of our listed services we can help you place?  The Brahmin Group will go above and beyond the call to find you the ideal candidate.  Please let us know the details and we will build a job description based upon your preferences. 





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