The Brahmin Group is dedicated to finding you the most qualified candidates available.  To begin the process, we will have a detailed discussion outlining what is to be expected of the employee.  Through our extensive database of applicants and search techniques we will compile a list of resumes.  At that time, we will conduct interviews with the potential employees, whittling the list to the top contenders.  We will then reinterview potential candidates to verify all references and accomplishments.  The individual packets will be handed off to you to set up an interview schedule and if you choose to make a formal offer to a candidate we will proceed with the comprehensive background check and barring any red flags you will have a new member to your staff.  This is all done with the utmost care in confidentiality and discretion ever mindful of maintaining your privacy.


Our Wonderful Testimonials

“Michelle was an outstanding member of our staff as the Executive Chef.  She rose to every occasion with skill, grace and dedication.”


– Dolores Hope

(Wife of entertainer Bob Hope)

“In all my experience it is rare to find a person who will go that last inch.  Michelle’s [The Owner of Brahmin Group] abilities are unsurpassed.”


– Michael F. Catania

“Five Star!”


– Darryl & Cindy Jones





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